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The special charm of Champagne

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Mutigny | Champagne, France

Destination of a
“thousand faces”

A tribute to pure bliss

A land of far-reaching horizons and rolling hills of champagne vineyards, the Marne Department in the Champagne is celebrated around the world. A terroir rich in contrasts between dense forests and the largest artificial lake in Europe, rolling hills, charming towns and a thousand-year-old cultural heritage invite you to explore the region.

Calling all bike enthusiasts

Throughout the vast land of Champagne, you’ll find many places that are best discovered by bike or e-bike—LOISIUM picnic included of course.

The “Véloroute 52” runs from Paris to Strasbourg. In Champagne, the bike path runs along the Marne river and through the Montagne de Reims nature park. Follow the 45km long tour and ride through the vineyards to experience the riches of the Marne Valley with its UNESCO World Heritage sites. Our Loisians at the reception will be happy to provide you with all the info. So, what are you waiting for?

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Vineyard in evening glow


A region full of charm and tradition with cultural highlights and idyllic vineyards that make it a hotspot for champagne lovers.

Here are a few tips for your tours. Known around the world as hubs of champagne production, the cities of Reims, Aÿ and Épernay make for an ideal starting point to explore a region that is home to one of the most important Gothic cathedrals in France as well as palaces and cellars of champagne houses.

Our favorites
Church de Cuis
Museum Oueilly

The scent of champagne

There really is a champagne aroma floating in the air. Just open the cellar door of one of the local winemakers, and you’ll catch a whiff of our meaning.

Champagne producers celebrate the French art of living. They enjoy amicable chats and enthusiastically convey the cultural characteristics of the region. During cellar tours and tastings, they bring to life their knowledge and art, which they pursue and present with an infectious passion.

Explore the champagne region
Champagne cellar
cellar vault

Car or boat?

If you love to change perspectives like we do, you’ve come to the right place. Because in the region we call home, there are endless opportunities for you to discover the UNESCO World Heritage region.

The choice is yours: rent an iconic E-Mehari or a 1980s 2CV and drive through the small, charming towns to inhale French lifestyle, or enjoy the beautiful scenery and traditional architecture from a small boat for up to 6 people.

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Tour with vintage car through vineyards
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Excitement all year round

Festivities throughout the region include the Fêtes Henri IV in Aÿ, the Soirée Blanche on the French National Day, the grape harvest in autumn or the Habits de Lumière festival of lights in December.