the historical region of champagne

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Home to the eponymous sparkling beverage, the region of Champagne has been producing the finest of sparkling wines for ages.

Covering approximately 34,300 hectares of vineyards, the Champagne AOC area is defined and demarcated by a law dating back to 1927. It is located about 150km east of Paris and covers 319 villages in five Departments. The Marne Department is home to 66% of the production, while Aube accounts for 23% and Aisne, Haute-Marne and Seine et Marne total 11%.

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Terroir and soil composition

With its northern location, harsh climate, characteristic soil and hillside vineyards, the terroir is unique and original—like the wine it produces.

It includes a mosaic of micro-vineyards, each with a unique combination of climate, soil and topography. The northern location is characterized by a cooler climate and harsh weather conditions, while oceanic influences provide rainfall and slight fluctuations of seasonal temperatures. The continental influence brings ideal sunshine, but often devastating frost as well.

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Sites & vines

The vines of choice are mainly Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier as well as white Chardonnay, a selection that perfectly matches the characteristics of the terroir.

Accounting for 38% of the total production, the predominant grape variety on the “Montagne des Reims” and the “Côte des Bar,” where cool calcareous terrain can be found, is Pinot Noir, closely followed by the robust Pinot Meunier at 32%, a variety that is better suited for the cold. Also known as the “king of the Côte des Blancs,” the Chardonnay variety represents 30% of planted grapes.

Red grapes
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Champagne Appelation „AOC“

Terroir, origin, knowledge

The rules defining who gets awarded the Appellation d’Origine Controlée label are very strict and subject to ongoing optimization and adaptation, going far beyond geographical boundaries. Every step in the manufacturing process is closely inspected.


The designation expresses the link between product, terroir and human skill.

AOC areas are representative to the interaction of the natural environment and the skills of the winemakers. They produce champagnes with a special identity and an extraordinary taste value.


Sites (crus), grape varieties, vintages and dosage, these are the elements that can be combined in different mutations—which makes for an amazing selection.

Blending is a process at the heart of champagne production. It plays with the diversity of nature, the different grape varieties and the best products of the different vintages to achieve unparalleled uniqueness and the special characteristics of champagne wines.

Sites and vines

The Champagne region is home to 319 crus and 280,000 individual vineyard plots, each with a very specific profile and individual touch.

Depending on the terroir, the result varies and is typical of the variety and its oenological expression, which is best recognized in single variety Champagne wines, such as Blanc de Blancs blended exclusively from white grapes or Blanc de Noirs blended exclusively from red grapes.

A clarification of terms

How the champagnes differ

Le brut „non-millésimé”

This champagne blended from wines of different vintages and sites is described as “non vintage.”


“Vintage Champagne” is made exclusively from wines of a single exceptional harvest, if the quality is worthy of the declaration.

Rosé champagne

This champagne has more color and body, which comes from either macerating the skins of red grapes or adding a small amount of “flat” red champagne wine.

Special cuvée champagne

A champagne resulting from a unique assemblage of young vintage wines that give it its exquisite taste.

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