The Kamptal Valley

Where tradition meets creativity

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A sense of terroir

The Kamptal wine region is proud of its noble soils, excellent wines and visionary winemakers—and it is exactly this combination that you taste in the wine.

In the heart of Lower Austria lies the charming Kamptal wine route, steeped in tradition. With its 3,802 hectares of vineyards, the region along the Kamp River is one of the largest and best-known wine-growing areas in Lower Austria. At the center of this wine region lies Langenlois, known as Austria’s largest wine town.

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Soil and climate

Soil and climate are what define a wine’s character. Kamptal is characterized by warming influences from Pannonia to the southeast and cooler winds from the Waldviertel region.

The combination of hot summer days, cool nights, extended periods of sunshine in autumn and the characteristics of primary rock, loess and clay are the main ingredients for incomparable, crystal clear and mineral-forward wines. Temperature contrasts ensure particularly fine aroma profiles while long growing seasons allow the grapes to reach their physiological maturity.

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Locations & varieties

The leading varieties of the region, Grüner Veltliner and Riesling, reflect the unique characteristics of the Kamptal valley.

The names of the vineyard locations are deeply connected to the region’s history. For centuries, the vineyards in Lower Austria have borne names such as Steinhaus, Loiserberg, Heiligenstein or Käferberg. This differentiation of the cultivation sites serves as an aid to orientation and also defines the individuality of each wine in relation to the variety.

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Langenlois in the Kamptal valley

The home of LOISIUM

Located in the southeastern part of the Waldviertel, at the lower end of the valley, this charming place is steeped in history. Nestled along the Loisbach, the town embodies the dreamy side of the Kamptal valley. Terraced vineyards, splendid gardens, culture and places that are full of tradition will make you want to stay longer.

Old Town Langenlois
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It’s bubbly

Langenlois is home to some top winemakers who work hard and put their knowledge to use in the production of sparkling wine.

Here, sparkling wines have been the center of attention for a good 30 years now and the excellent grapes—characterized by the beneficial climate—the bottle fermentation and the manual work throughout the entire process all contribute to the impressive quality of the final products.

No two alike

Kamptal winemakers all have their individual traits of character—and so do their wines, the sparkling ones too.

An exploration of the sparkling wines of Langenlois will let you enjoy both products with clear, puristic lines, those with varietal character, single-vineyard sparkling wines, cuvées, rosés as well as “fancy” pétillant naturels, or pét nats.

Cultivation sites

In the Kamptal valley, if you’re looking for vineyards dedicated exclusively to the production of sparkling wine, your excitement may quickly fizzle out. Indeed, the base wines for their production come from the same vineyards as the still wines themselves.

The grapes destined to become sparkling wine are harvested when their acidity and ripeness are perfectly on point—that is when they are slightly but noticeably ripe and the acidity has a certain freshness to it.

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LOISIUM Langenlois

Wine & Spa Hotel | Langenlois | Kamptal, Austria

Located in the Kamptal valley, near the Wachau, this modern work of art by architect Steven Holl offers 112 rooms, a spa & wellness area, meeting & event spaces and lots of local charm.

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