LOISIUM wine & spa resorts olive oil

What do you do with a grove of olive trees in your gar­den? You make olive oil, of course! And what does this have to do with the LOISIUM Wine & Spa Resorts? Keep read­ing to find out.

Italian olive oil is some of the best oil in the world. That’s why we love bring­ing a bit of Tuscany to the LOISIUM wine & spa resorts. With a view over breath-tak­ing Tuscany, the beau­ti­ful prop­erty of LOISIUM co-founder Susanne Kraus-Winkler fea­tures sprawl­ing fields of beau­ti­ful olive trees. The estate was taken over by well-known polit­i­cal jour­nal­ist Hugo Portisch and his wife Traudi, who, despite some cracks in the walls and holes in the roof, imme­di­ately fell in love with the old stone house. It soon became clear that they also fell for the property’s 800 olive trees and grapevines that were included in the deal.

At LOISIUM wine & spa resorts, we just had to take up this once-in-a-life­time oppor­tu­nity to add an orig­i­nal Tuscan mem­ber to the LOISIUM Selection. The result is a del­i­cate, organic, vir­gin olive oil from only the best qual­ity olives – ripened to per­fec­tion under the Tuscan sun!


We set the bar espe­cially high in the pro­duc­tion of our olive oil. We don’t pro­duce just any old olive oil for our LOISIUM wine & spa resorts, but a vir­gin olive oil with the high­est qual­ity stan­dards (in Italy, this is described as “extra vergine”, or extra vir­gin).

The olives are pressed cold and with­out addi­tives, and meet the high­est stan­dards. On aver­age, no more than 12 to 13 litres of oil are obtained from 100 kg of olives. Then, there is the great amount of work that grow­ing olives typ­i­cally requires. Extra vir­gin olive oil must be flaw­less, and must not exceed acid­ity of 0.8 per cent. How lucky are we that Tuscany has the best con­di­tions for olives due to its north­ern loca­tion!

In addi­tion to its exquis­ite taste, extra vir­gin olive oil also boasts a spe­cial health ben­e­fit: it con­sists of 75% unsat­u­rated fatty acids which are impor­tant for cell struc­ture among many other things. This “liq­uid gold” also has strong antiox­i­dant prop­er­ties, and anti-inflam­ma­tory and blood-thin­ning effects. Plus, it helps lower cho­les­terol. Amazing! Want more? Why not use it as a home­made beauty treat­ment? Use it to sooth dry lips or mix with salt to cre­ate an exfo­li­at­ing treat­ment for a day-spa feel­ing at home. A won­der for your health, palate, and beauty. What more could you ask for?

Get it!

JSo, now that you’ve heard all there is to know about olive oil at LOISIUM wine & spa resorts, you’ve prob­a­bly already made some room for it in your kitchen, right? Get this all-rounder in the LOISIUM vinothe­ques and the LOISIUM WeinWelt for € 19.00 (500 ml). This Tuscan taste expe­ri­ence (bot­tled in Italy) will be a beau­ti­ful addi­tion to your kitchen with its ele­gant black stoneware bot­tle that you can repur­pose again and again.

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