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Taking a sauna in Champagne

Finnish Sauna

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Finnish sauna

With temperatures ranging from 75°C to 100°C, things heat up quickly and will help you recharge your batteries fully while strengthening your immune system and promoting blood circulation. In short: You relax, while your metabolism works extra-hard.


Expect 40°C to 75°C degrees and humidity levels of up to 55%. Studies show that the gentle heat and conditions in the Sanarium® can reduce high blood pressure and alleviate circulatory problems.

Steam bath

At 100% humidity, the temperature display moves up to 45°C degrees. Hot steam helps with respiratory diseases and rheumatic complaints. And for the beauty fans: a steam bath also promotes your skin’s natural “glow.”


A relaxing treatment after the sauna? Facial or massage? Peeling or beauty highlight? Our Spa & Beauty treatments were developed together with our partner Saint Charles and tailored to individual needs.

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