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On the tracks of wine

The adventure begins at the imposing yellow entrance gate, on which the artist Hugo Schaer tells the story of the birth of wine in his own hieroglyphic language.

After a "golden" start through the gate, Veltlina, the soul of wine, leads you into the cellars, which are up to 900 years old, where you are taken straight into the wine story. It is a combination of stories about being a winegrower in the past and today, about wine production and natural conditions. Interactive stations, insight into the winery Steininger, as well as exciting wine know-how guarantee variety and entertainment.

The tour ends with a tasting of the exquisite wines at the vinotheque. While you are accompanied through the wine adventure by Veltlina, kids slip into a hero role, solve riddles with the mice Frida and Fridolin and can put the wine knowledge they have learned to the proof straight away.




  • Fascinating underground world
  • 1.5 km long route with many features
  • WeinWelt audio guide app accompanied by Veltlina
  • Adventure for the kids - with the cellar mice Frida and Fridolin they go on a discovery tour
  • 900 year old cellar tradition
  • Winegrower's house built in 1924
  • Modern sparkling wine and wine production in the Steininger winery
  • 18 different stations
  • Includes 1 wine or juice tasting in the Wine Store
  • Accessibility - also suitable for wheelchair users
  • Constant temperature of around 14°C - we recommend outer clothing


Our new multimedia guides

Veltlina takes you on a journey and tells you how Steven Holl created a monument to wine with this cube. From the roots of wine to the bottle - the lively and charming Veltlina, the soul of wine, knows the history of the wine world better than anyone else.

Our little guests go on a journey of discovery through the LOISIUM World of Wine with Frida & Fridolin and experience exciting adventures along the way. Through mishap, Frida and Fridolin have ended up in a hidden room in the cellar world. Only if the children solve the puzzle game can the two mice be saved.

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Additional Offers

- We have yet more surprises in store -


Wine and sparkling wine tasting

What is the difference between a Grüner Veltliner and a Riesling? What does a Zweigelt actually taste like? Just taste it - alone or with the LOISIUM wine experts.


Combination offers

It's more fun together

In the Kamptal, we stand with the best. That is why we have joined forces with other TOP destinations and put together some daily programmes for you to enjoy.



Shop & Enjoy

From Wine Store to Bistro

Taste wines and take them home with you, wander through the Genuss. Shop and take a snack in the Bistro - what more could the culinary heart wish for?


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