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LOISIUM World of Wine Architecture

A must see near Vienna - Austria

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The concept of the pioneer

- Steven Holl -


The Cube of the LOISIUM World of Wine with the connected, up to 900 year old cellar corridors forms the core of the idea and represents the "in the earth" and "under the earth" parts of the overall concept by Steven Holl. Even at first glance, it is clear: shape, colour and materials on the theme of wine are the conceptual focus of the project.





  • The cube-shaped structure of the wine centre consists of an unorthodox shell construction made of 680 aluminium plates
  • Imposing reinforced concrete walls with a height of 17 m
  • The cube, with an inclination of 5 degrees, provides a fascinating intersection between architecture, vineyard and wine cellar
  • A land area of 3,635 m² and 1,280 m² of usable space
  • 10,525 m² of enclosed space, of which 660 m² constructed area
  • Start of planning: 2001
  • Construction time: October 2002 - September 2003
  • Materials: Concrete in various forms: cork, wood, glass, steel, aluminium



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World of Wine.


Many things only become apparent on closer inspection. But one thing is clear as soon as you step inside the LOISIUM World of Wine: this is a very special place. And then you discover the abundant symbolism concealed in architecture, decor and mood.



Wine in detail.


One of Holl's main wine elements: the cork structure on the rails of the staircases and on the lamps. The backlit room doors are also reminiscent of a cellar labyrinth. The vaults are again referred to on the yellow and black materials that decorate the rooms. And the striped exposed concrete in the halls represent vineyard rows. Wine as far as the eye can see ...



Above the ground.


Steven Holl made our hotel float above worldly affairs. No easy task, given a built area of 2,100 square metres. And yet: Using a column design, he created the association of a forest bearing the rooms on its tree trunks. One of the trunks reappears in the Holl Bar - chopped down, though, since it is meant to inspire reflections over our responsibility towards nature.



A master in his field.


Steven Holl is one of the most renowned contemporary architects. Postmodernism and deconstructionism have defined his work, although his versatility is such that it's difficult to pigeon-hole him. The Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki made him known to the broader public in 1988; numerous awards later, he created the LOISIUM. Currently, he is working on our new spa in Alsace, France

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