Wine Runner Koarl

LOISIUM lifestyle on the move

Wine love on four wheels

Vintage wheels from the vineyard

Clear the stage for our mobile LOISIUM highlight—our Wine Runner “Koarl.” We love good wine and prefer to have it with us all the time. This stylish trailer is home to a multitude of fine wines and—stopping at festivals or events—it helps us spread the LOISIUM lifestyle throughout the country. What’s more? You can even book it for your own private event.

Wine & culinary

Included in every offer—an additional portion of pleasure. “Koarl,” our very own wine runner will roll up to your doorstep with 400 bottles from our wine regions and choice snacks from our culinary masters.


A few regional treats here, a little finger food there. When booking our trailer for your event, you can count on our creativity—adapted to your wishes as well as the conditions of the location.

Prawns on risotto
ice bucket with wine bottles

Available for rent

You want this stylish trailer all to yourself? We can dig it! That’s why we’ve made it available for you to rent for corporate events, customer events and fancy celebrations.

“Koarl” is sure to be an eye-catcher at any party. To provide you with the full range of LOISIUM power at your place, at least one of our LOISIANS will be on board of the trailer. Depending on the location and culinary offer, you can choose from several packages.

I want “Koarl”
wine and food truck Koarl
Equipment Wine Runner Koarl

That’s what’s on board:

Fully loaded with enjoyment

Depending on the location and culinary offer, we provide several packages. What exactly Koarl takes for you depends on you and the occasion.

  • wine & sparkling wine from the LOISIUM regions Styria and Lower Austria (soon also from Champagne)
  • Gin, Gasteiner mineral water and grape juice
  • Snacks such as antipasti, a variety of cheeses, fresh nut bread, vintner’s bacon or fresh wraps in small bites

Wines on tour

Our partners

Steininger winery

Langenlois | Kamptal

For generations, our family winery has stood for the combination of tradition with modern winemaking technology while upholding uncompromising quality.

Weingut Bründlmayer

Langenlois | Kamptal

There is precious truth in wine: it tells tales about the soil, about heat and cold, about storms and rain, about the region and also the people it touches.

Jurtschitsch winery

Langenlois | Kamptal

For Alwin and Stefanie, fine Austrian wine culture means vinifying wines that are as authentic, complex and terroir-specific as possible, with a refreshing, elegant style.

Josef Dockner winery

Höbenbach | Kremstal

Being able to pass on the fascination of wine is a source of great pleasure. We live and breathe wine, whether it is a bountiful year with few obstacles, or a vintage that demanded everything from us.

Primus winery

Spielfeld, Southen Styria

Located on the Slovenian border, this winery and family business has a long tradition and focuses on terroir-based and regionally typical wines.

Kogler winery

Leutschach a. d. Weinstraße

The most important asset is our soils, from which the wines draw their strength. Our vines which—for the most part—are exceptionally old and our knowledge of each of them make all the difference.

Stefan Potzinger winery

Ratsch a. d. Weinstraße, South Styria

“Organically grown, not made artificially,” is the credo of this winery. Integrated cultivation, selective harvesting by hand and aging in stainless steel tanks guarantee superb wines.

Peter Skoff winery

Gamlitz, South Styria

For decades, the winery run by Peter, Anna and their sons Markus and Peter Jr. has specialized in the production of fine wines.

Stin Gin

Ehrenhausen, South Styria

“Apple and elderberry, that’s our home in a bottle.” Produced by two friends in 50l copper kettle. (Psst… These are also the guys behind our LOISIUM Gin)

Lobsters Drinks

Salzburg city

100% natural with less sugar and made in Austria—that’s the secret recipe for more freshness, more flavor and more room for the spirit.

Gasteiner mineral water

Bad Gastein, Salzburg

Gasteiner mineral water comes from the pristine mountains of the Hohe Tauern and contains minerals and trace elements that it absorbs on its way through the mountains.