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Finnish sauna

Hot, hotter, Finnish sauna. The stone oven in the Finnish sauna cranks up the heat, reaching temperatures of 60°C to 95°C. If you like it hot, really hot, you’ll want to take your seat in the top row.  Pouring water over the hot stones increases the humidity, while a cold shower post-schwitz promotes blood circulation.

Soft Sauna

Loved by beginners and pros alike. With slightly milder temperatures of 60°C to 70°C and high humidity levels, the soft sauna is beloved by one and all. It is famed for its holistic relaxation and simultaneous stimulation of body & soul.

Saltwater steam bath

With temperatures ranging from 40°C to 55°C, the saltwater steam bath has a cleansing effect on your skin, mucous membranes and respiratory tract. Tiny brine particles dissolve fine dust, pollen and other toxins in your lungs while the salt-water solution helps prevent colds.

Outdoor sauna

Our Finnish sauna with a view. Relax in the sauna while enjoying a view of nature. Pour water over the stones and let your eyes wander. An additional positive side effect of this sauna in winter is the brisk, invigorating rush you get on the way back indoors after your session.


A relaxing treatment after the sauna? Vitalising, nurturing, calming. Our extensive range of treatments has a lot to offer: from facial to peeling to massage - you will gain new strength. Tailored to your needs.

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