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As documented by numerous archaeological finds, wine-growing in Southern Styria goes back to the Celts and Romans. Thanks to this long-standing tradition, a unique cultural landscape typical for the region has developed over the course of centuries. It yields top wines of a quality that has made the region famous far beyond its borders. But not only the wine: the breathtakingly beautiful landscape surely added something to the glory.

Steep hills, idyllic farms and cosy Buschenschanken, of course, beckon you to remain and rest awhile and taste the wine. Home of outstanding white wines and generations of highly talented vintners, the land delivers wonderful Styrian classics every year, including the fresh and fruity Welschriesling, the Muscatel with a subtle bouquet, the crisp Pinot Blanc, the classy Sauvignons and noble Morillon (Chardonnay). 

Ehrenhausen, the gate to
the Southern Styria wine trail.

For more than 50 years, the oldest and best-known wine trail has gone from Spielfeld and Ehrenhausen, via Ratsch and Gamlitz, to Leutschach. When you hike it, it leads you through the wine-growing area of Windischen Bühlen in Styria, south of Ehrenhausen; after you reach Platschberg, turn south-west; along the Austrian-Slovenian border, the trail offers grandiose views and locations that yield not only great wines but induce a great mood as well.

You will meet great wine-makers, and the landmarks typical of Styria are well worth a closer look – for example, the world's biggest “Klapotetz” (wind wheel as a scarecrow), near Leutschach, or the world's largest grape on Eory mountain. You should not miss out on them...




All the taste at producer prices:

the LOISIUM Wine Shop

The regional Adventure Wine Shop with top wines & sparkling wines from the region. Enjoy huge taste for little money and shop on site at producer prices or taste the whole range of top wines at the Wine Tasting Bar – with individual sommelier advice. Or simply book one of the seminars held in our specially designed private wine rooms. A round tour through our show garden, which can be walked through, where you learn everything there is to know about the path of the grape from the vine into the glass, is a great option for all those who still want to know more about vines, the region and wine-growing.



Inhalt lädtbitte haben Sie etwas Geduld

Ingenious pleasure in the glass.

Our GENIUSS sparkling wine, a typical representative of the region, hails from the LOISIUM Langenlois vineyards, under the loving care of Karl Steininger, which are located directly in front of our hotel. The great popularity it enjoys with all our visitors inspired us to produce it as a wine as well – in a marriage that is as manifold as the two wine-growing regions of Kamptal and Southern Styria, which both contribute a grape variety to it.

The two wineries Steininger (Langenlois) and Hannes Sabathi (Gamlitz) decided to combine their wines in order to unite into a perfect marriage the strengths of the Grüner Veltliner and Morillon grape varieties:

Grüner Veltliner (60%) is the most important indigenous grape variety in Austria. From a light wine with a pronounced acidity up to a very mature special quality wine, it delivers everything, with the location and yield playing a decisive role. What the vintner strives for are full-flavoured wines or fruity tones of stone fruits.

Morillon (Chardonnay, 40%) is one of the most important white wine varieties. In Styria, it matures into a full-bodied wine, rich in essence with a fruity, subtle acidity and typical bouquet.

Exclusively available at the LOISIUM WeinErlebnisWelt Langenlois, LOISIUM Wein & Spa resorts and the LOISIUM online wine store.

Inhalt lädtbitte haben Sie etwas Geduld

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