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When the taste buds dance
and the tongue rejoices.

Enjoy great meals at Weinkuchl

Relaxation comes from enjoyment. That's why our meals are the ideal supplement when you want to unwind. They are part of our 360° wellness programme. So don't begrudge your taste buds a fantastic experience – send them on a theme trip, accompanied by great wines.

LOISIUM Tip: especially enjoyable in summer on the gourmet terrace with its panoramic view.


Opening hours

Gourmet Breakfast
Mo-So 07:00 to 10:30 a.m.

Restaurant Weinkuchl
daily from 06:00 to 09:30 p.m.

For reservations please call +43 3453 288 00-500 or e-mail us.

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Great wines and fine tobaccos:

LOISIUM Wine Club Bar

Deeply relaxed, the evening is best rounded off in our Wine Club Bar. Excellent wines are matched by excellent cigars. And the view from the observation deck on the Stryrian hills up to Ehrenhausen Castle makes for a mellow mood. Cheers!

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Ausg’steckt is.

 The bunches are out.


“Buschenschanken” are wine taverns that are operated only seasonally. For passers-by to know that it is “ausg’steckt,” namely that the tavern is open, the vintner attaches a bunch (“Buschen”) of twigs to the door, easy to see. That's how the taverns got their name.

How it all began.



On 17 August 1784, it became official: Emperor Joseph II issued a circular edict that allowed everybody to sell and serve home-made food, wine and fruit cider at any time. In the beginning, the taverns often only offered bread and nuts with the wine, and it was customary to bring along your own food to the “Buschenschank” right up to the 1960s.

Bon apétit!




Proper wine taverns may only offer cold meals. That's why the menu offers predominantly smoked meat, lard, greaves, runner bean salad and various bread spreads; in Southern Styria, all these dishes are usually served with a dash of pumpkin seed oil. The grand finale usually consists of a dessert, home-made by the vintner's wife.



The Buschenschank may only serve beverages from its in-house production. On offer are wine, wine must and home-distilled spirits – depending on the season and the individual operation. Children and motorists drink home-made grape juice, which couldn't be fresher than this.

Wine taverns in and
around Ehrenhausen.



All of Southern Styria is famous for its wonderful Buschenschanken. Since not all taverns have their bunches hanging out at the same time, you'll find here a complete list of all vintner innkeepers as well as their opening hours. Enjoy!

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Zimmer und Architektur zum Wohlfühlen

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