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When your thoughts
wander through the vineyards.

Surrounded by the lush green of Southern Styria, 102 double rooms await you amidst the vineyards – of which 20 are suites with a view of the hills covered with vine stocks. The rooms are kept in white, providing a canvas opposite the luscious landscape. Their purity leaves space for our guests to relax and fill it up with dreams. The lamp systems made of white-painted spruce wood; benches from wall to wall and particularly the glass “bath box,” providing a great vista of Schlossberg, make the light and tranquil rooms even wider. If you hang the bathroom with the long curtains, the lighting concept is revealed in all its glory: like a negligé, the light plays with the shadows and makes the silhouettes dance about. The overwhelming tranquillity of the rooms is interrupted only by carefully selected silkscreen prints by the Austrian artist Erich Steininger. They are different in every room.

our room basics

  • Spa bag with robe, slippers & bath towels
  • Balcony
  • Rain shower or relaxing tub
  • Air conditioning
  • Spelt, herb and relaxing pillows (on request)
  • Bolster/pillow and cover for allergy sufferers
  • Softer mattress and additional pillows and covers (on request)
  • Mini bar, blow dryer, safe
  • WiFi access
  • Car park




Classic Rooms

Our Classic double rooms are 28 sqm in size and provide a great view of the Wine Shop and the outskirts of the nearby forest.


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Prestige Rooms

The Prestige double rooms are 30 sqm in size, and the visitor peers out onto the vineyards and Ehrenhausen Castle from them.


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Wine Suites

Our Suites are 40 to 50 sqm in size. They can be reserved in the Classic or Prestige categories. With their breathtaking vista and many extras, they are ideal for unwinding.

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LOISIUM Vinter Rooms

We further offer ten Vinter-Prestige Rooms (30 sqm) - dedicated to the outstanding vinters of Southern Styria: Erzherzog Johann Weine, Weingut Georgiberg, Erich und Walter Polz, Stefan Potzinger, Rebenhof, Erwin Sabathi, Hannes Sabathi, Sattlerhof, Peter Skoff und Tement.


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Spatial character
with depth.


Our moss-green specially-made tiles are used throughout the building, furnishing the generous rooms with warmth and naturalness. The floor-to-ceiling black industrial shelves divide the area up into different zones.

Creating attraction.
Allowing for irritation.


This duality makes for a perfect topic of conversation in our Wine Shop, which features amazing metallic-golden surfaces. They gleam when they reflect the light like the wines of the region.

Reduction to
the essence.


But make it cosy and comfortable! This vision became reality in our Wine Shop with its cosy fireplace and tasting stands made of hammered brass. This way, we combine very special furniture with down-to-earth materials.

Tranquillity and slow
movement at the Spa.


With its high proportion of wood and the lush green, our Spa area is reminiscent of an idyllic forest clearing. The openings allow for a grand vista of the landscape, where you can dream and let your thoughts float along. Irregularly like through a canopy of leaves, the daylight breaks its way through the façade.

The play of light and shadow.


Let nature in. Our rooms, designed with clean lines, create the space for the lush green outside to take effect and one's own thoughts to roam freely. Here you can open up – like the bathroom revealing itself to the living room through the glass panel.

A room for oneself.
A room for art.


Reduktion schafft Platz. Und diesen Platz kann man kreativ nutzen, um zum Beispiel Erich Steiningers Bilder auf sich wirken zu lassen. Dazu passen die puristischen Wände mit der lasierten Naturfichte perfekt. 

Roadhouse reloaded.


Simple and solid white-painted wooden furniture, whose design is reminiscent of Styrian taverns, characterise the atmosphere of our restaurant Weinkuchl. Alcoves create intimacy, and one can lose oneself in the wide vista of the landscape.



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Both feet firmly
in the clouds:

architectural reflections 

Floating above the ridge of hills, between the broad-leafed alluvial forests of the Mur valley and the range of hills so typical of Southern Styria, a pendant to its opposing sites of the Castle and the Mausoleum, the LOISIUM Hotel Southern Styria is located directly at the gate to the wine trail in Ehrenhausen. Although floating exactly 25 metres above all worldly things on the upper edge of the beech forest, more than one-third of the cubic content of the building is invisible, hidden in the hillside. To do so, we dug 12 metres deep into the stone-hard “Opok” ground. “Opok” is a lime-merl soil that gives the regional wines their typical mineral and soft taste.

Visually, the architectural masterpiece is leaning against the mountain. A reference to the holiday region of Southern Styria, as architect Peter Zinganel explains: “Leaning against the warm house wall, looking into the surroundings bathed in the spring or autumn sun.” Thus the building becomes a metaphor for Southern Styria, with its numerous taverns for enjoying a balmy evening.



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