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Southern Styria
wine trail


LOISIUM Ehrenhausen is located directly on the oldest wine trail in Austria, an ideal starting point for many hikes and excursions. For 2.5 kilometres, the “neutral road” forms the border between Austria and Slovenia. Here is where not only the largest grape in the world is at home but also a great number of Buschenschanken (wine taverns) in which to rest and dine.



how Southern Styria tastes

Southern Styria Genussregal


Encounters of the oenological and culinary kind await visitors to the “Genussregal” (Shelf of Taste). Its architecture attracts much attention as well. With savoury hams, freshly pressed pumpkin seed oil and top-flight wines, regional producers will pamper your taste buds, which will be challenged at no less than 40 tasting stations. We also recommend a visit to the exhibition on site.

© J. Kernmayer

Full throttle
through the wine route

the Styria Classic


Located at the end of one of the stages of the Styria Classic, we look forward every year to the privilege of greeting and admiring the vintage cars up close. With horsepower and gourmet cuisine, we serve the best Styrian dishes and wines at the table to spoil both drivers and spectators. That's simply the facts: we have the best vintages on the road and in the glass.

© Südsteiermark-Classic / Melbinger

Styrian gold

The only genuine pumpkin seed oil



What's typical Styrian? Well, most assuredly, the thick, dark green pumpkin seed oil with its nutty aroma and unique flavour. The “Styrian gold,” pressed from the oil pumpkin, enhances every dish, from runner bean salad to vanilla ice cream. It is extracted in the oil mills. You can see exactly where here.

a trip to Maribor

Skiing and opera


The second-largest city in Slovenia is a great destination for skiers and opera lovers alike. Only 20 minutes away, the 2012 European Capital of Culture can be reached in all comfort by way of our shuttle bus. Once you've arrived, you profit from our guest bonus coupon, which guarantees you many privileges. Beside the beautiful old town, numerous sights along the Drava river wait to be discovered and explored.

© Tiberiu Marta

 © Tiberiu Marta



Shopping at the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage

experiencing Graz


World-renowned Austrian landmarks such as the Clock Tower can be admired in Graz – while enjoying a glass or two on the Murinsel, which connects Schlossberg with the spectacular Graz Art Museum. This university city offers not only world-class restaurants but also one-of-a-kind shopping opportunities. But why keep on going into raptures ... just pay a visit to the former Capital of Culture. You won't regret it.



Hand-made and
awfully good

Zotter Schokoladen Manufaktur


At the chocolate shop theatre, visitors can nosh and learn: How exactly does the world-famous Zotter Schokolade come into being? Where do the unusual flavours come from? And why does everything harmonise so wonderfully in the mouth? These and more questions are answered during the tasting tour. And if the season allows for it, a visit to the Edible Zoo, where you can look the organic suppliers of milk and other foods in the eye, is part of the programme. 

© Zotter Schokoladen

A day at the sea

visiting Trieste


The Italian port is only 2.5 hours away from Ehrenhausen and has much to offer: Besides the wonderful sea breeze, best to be enjoyed on a stroll in the harbour, neither fashion nor culture play second fiddle here. So a visit to the Teatro Verdi or an excursion to San Giusto Cathedral should definitely be scheduled. Oh, and don't forget to order an espresso at the Canale Grande!



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Pleasure bicycling deluxe:
Bikeways in Southern Styria

Whether Schilcherwein or Welschriesling, Lipizzaner horses or pumpkin seed oil, markets, river valleys or a visit to our Slovenian neighbours in the South: We have the right bikeway for everybody. Get familiar with the land and its people while you explore the region and its culinary offerings on the bike. Given 9 different tours with different focuses, boredom is truly a foreign word. Endurance athletes and hobby cyclists alike can opt for different routes to explore. In addition, they all offer a great many opportunities for stopping and treating oneself to regional delicacies. 

If you would like to take it a bit easier, we have e-bikes at the hotel you can rent at all times. On an e-bike, you ride comfortably through the vineyards, and the way back from the Buschenschank is a cinch. These excursions are wrapped up perfectly with a picnic in a well-chosen romantic spot where you can watch the sunset in peace and quiet while enjoying wine and delicacies from the regional cuisine.

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Among vineyards, pumpkin fields and woodlands:
hiking in and around Ehrenhausen 

Experience Southern Styria up close: Depending on your stamina, you can chose a pleasurable stroll or a more extensive hike. You can start directly in Ehrenhausen or simply explore its vicinity. Along with the two trails starting at our door, we recommend the natural gem of Heiliger Geist Klamm in Schlossberg or Altenbachklamm in Oberhaag. Both destinations are among the hiking highlights of the region. Attention: Don't forget to bring sturdy shoes!

Along the trails, you'll find a great number of Buschenschanken, which beckon you to come inside and have a tasty bite to eat. This way, you discover the culinary aspects of the region and can reward yourself with runner bean salad, pumpkin seed oil and great wines after an extensive tour. We wish you bon apétit and happy hiking! 

Just ask at the reception desk – our staff can certainly give you some insider tips. You can also have a backpack with snacks prepared at our hotel.

Start and finish: Main square of Ehrenhausen
Condition: surfaced pathways, road, path through forest and meadows
Marking: White signs with mausoleum logo 


Length: 12 km
Walking time: approx. 3 hours

Length: 4.5 km
Walking time: approx. 1 hours


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Radl to go mit der eBIKE-BOX

Wir sind stolz darauf, seit Frühjahr 2019 die eBIKE-BOX als Partner mit an Bord zu haben. Die eBIKE-BOX ist ein revolutionäres, smartes E-Bike Verleihsystem in Form eines hochwertigen, voll recyclebaren Holzcontainers, in dem bis zu 10 topmoderne E-Bikes der Marken Scott und Haibike geparkt sind. Über die Website können die E-Bikes ganz einfach gebucht werden. Die Elektro-Unterstützung der E-Bikes ist individuell und per Knopfdruck einstellbar – so kann man auch Leistungsunterschiede zu seinen Radl-Partnern problemlos ausgleichen – völlig entspannt ohne Motorenlärm.

E-Bike Gebühr: 3 Stunden EUR 29.00/P | Ganzer Tag EUR 39.00/P
[Helme, Kindersitze und weiteres Basisequipment gegen Aufpreis verfügbar]

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Green Styria:
Playing golf along the wine trail.

Murstätten Golf Club, a member of the “Leading Golf Courses,” at the gate to the Southern Styria wine trail, is no more than 20 minutes away. With its 9-hole southern course, it offers ideal exercise and training opportunities, while the 18-hole championship course presents a challenge to any pro. Golf architect Joan Dudok van Heel didn't miss a thing when designing the course: Surrounded by alluvial forests, the Murstätten golf course is situated next to a 14-hectare lake, offering many traps and undulating greens, which make it truly unique. The course and its backdrop captivate with their variegated and sophisticated terrain – great fun not only for pros! It's not a mere coincidence that several Austrian and European championships as well as pro tour events have been held here.

No less spectacular: The 19th hole, the Gut Murstätten golf restaurant, where Kerstin Göritzer and Jürgen Pongratz regale their guests day after day. ??Golfers relax at the Club House in the style of an English country house, with club room, open fireplace, bar and terrace overlooking the golf course.





We thought at great length about what constitutes a perfect day and came to the conclusion that it should be spent in a vineyard. Namely with a picnic basket filled to the brim and one's sweetheart at one's side. So we went on a search for the most romantic spots in the vicinity of Ehrenhausen and struck it rich. You should try them ...

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