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Rooms & Design

– The art of beauty –


Where design and wine symbols
rock the guests to sleep. 

The 82 rooms of our hotel float above the glass ground floor. Naturally, they also feature many wine symbols. Lamps in cork shapes, aisles in the typical colours of wine and a breathtaking vista await our guests. And naturally, the rooms reflect our design focus: Beside the Wittmann furniture, each room houses the paintings of a different artist, turning every room into an art gallery.


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Our room categories

- it's your choice -

Classic room

  • 24 bis 29 sqm
  • Shower or bathing tub
  • Panorama window with view at the vineyards

From EUR 79.50 per person

Classic plus room

  • 24 bis 29 sqm
  • Shower or bathing tub
  • balcony with view at the inner yard and at the outdoorpool

From EUR 84.50 per person

Prestige room

  • 31 bis 38 sqm
  • bathing tub
  • balcony with view at the surrounding vineyards and at
    the city of Langenlois

From EUR 89.50 per person

Prestige deluxe room

  • 50 sqm
  • bathing tub
  • balcony with view at the vineyards and at the city of Langenlois
  • Espresso machine with different coffee- and tea-tabs

From EUR 104.50 per person

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"Great architecture in the vineyards"
"A stylish wellness-wine-hotel"
"Everytime again Loisium"

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Designed for relaxation:
Wittmann in the LOISIUM

The family company Wittmann was founded in 1896 in Etsdorf/Kamp, not far from LOISIUM Langenlois – and that's where it is still today. No wonder: The surroundings with their soft hills and vineyards has given the company a striking sense of tradition and quality for many decades. Every work step is carried out on the premises, thus guaranteeing a high degree of flexibility and perfectionism.

Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten – a great name in the world of furniture design and so an integral part of the LOISIUM interior. Because this family enterprise unites tradition and modernity to the same perfect degree as we do – so as to ensure a relaxing experience.

Correalistisches Instrument
Design: Friedrich Kiesler

Correalistischer Rocker
Design: Friedrich Kiesler

Party Lounge
Design: Friedrich Kiesler

Design: Jan Armgradt

Mokka I, II & IV
Design: Paola Piva

Design: Kai Stania/Christian Horner

Design: Hannes Wettstein

Satztische Hoffmann
Design: Josef Hoffmann
Obere Marktstrasse 5
A-3492 Etsdorf / Kamp

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World of Wine.


Many things reveal themselves only at second glance. But there's one thing you immediately sense when you enter the LOISIUM Hotel: This is a very special place. And then you will discover the numerous wine symbols hidden in the architecture and furnishings – infusing the atmosphere. 

Wine in detail.


One of Holl's main wine elements: the cork structure on the rails of the staircases and on the lamps. The backlit room doors are also reminiscent of a cellar labyrinth. The vaults are again referred to on the yellow and black materials that decorate the rooms. And the striped exposed concrete in the halls represent vineyard rows. Wine as far as the eye can see ...

Above the ground.


Steven Holl made our hotel float above worldly affairs. No easy task, given a built area of 2,100 square metres. And yet: Using a column design, he created the association of a forest bearing the rooms on its tree trunks. One of the trunks reappears in the Holl Bar – chopped down, though, since it is meant to inspire reflections over our responsibility towards nature.

A grand vista via transparency.


Transparency is a characteristic feature of the whole hotel. After entering the lobby, a breathtaking view of the vineyards and the cube of the WeinErlebnisWelt opens up to the visitor. The landscape is pulled into the interior – and the hotel rooms seem to reach right into the vineyards.

The lightness of being.


An aluminium shell envelops the building. The implementation of its finely structured façade posed a true challenge. Typical for Steven Holl, its rounded openings allow for a very consciously chosen vista of the surroundings, which time and again comes as a surprise – awesome. Steven Holl's trademark.

Let there be light.


The highly complex lighting system immerses our hotel in an atmosphere that is unequalled. A very special eye-catcher: the Frog Lamp in the Holl Bar, which seems to float through the inner courtyard at night. It is quoted again on the floor of the Spa area, where the Frog Fingers lighten up the Spa with daylight. 

Holl featuring Wittmann


Steven Holl is a perfectionist. That's why almost all furniture was designed by Bureau Holl itself and were developed in close cooperation with the furniture manufacturer Wittmann. The elaborate material combinations of dark and light woods and black leather are in dialogue with the rough surfaces of the hotel – creating the inimitable feeling of comfort and wellness.

Austria meets New York


In 1942, Friedrich Kiesler designed a collection for Peggy Guggenheim, which may be rediscovered at our Kiesler Corner. With it, Holl, who greatly admires Kiesler, has created a stage for the Austrian-American innovator. Especially his multifunctional and Late Modern furniture from the 1930s are timelessly beautiful and perfectly match the overall concept of the hotel.

Colour follows form.


A sensual red bathes our hotel bar and the restaurant in a warm, comfortable atmosphere, while the green of the Spa has a harmonising and calming effect on the mind. The yellow of the lobby and seminar rooms creates a great lightness, while the rooms are lit by the guest alone. For they are dominated by a simple black and white, so that the vineyards can be allowed to take effect – and the guests!

A master in his field.


Steven Holl is one of the most renowned contemporary architects. Postmodernism and deconstructionism have defined his work, although his versatility is such that it's difficult to pigeon-hole him. The Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki made him known to the broader public in 1988; numerous awards later, he created the LOISIUM. Currently, he is working on our new spa in Alsace, France.

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