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The kamptal has much to offer.

Where tradition meets the modern era.



The Kamptal has a lot to offer going beyond the outstanding wines that grow on our loess, clay and primary rock soils. Culture, for instance. Visitors can choose from numerous events and enjoy superb performances of classical and contemporary music as well as literature. And then, there are our “Heurigen” (taverns where the new wine is served) and a wide range of recreation facilities. You should not miss out on them ...



Superior soils and excellent wines.

wines & vintners
with character


Good soil is one thing. A better vintner is the other. You'll surely find the two combined in the Kamptal: With their numerous prize-winning wines from all vintages, our wineries are actually some of the world's best. No wonder. After all, the soil and the growers have been a perfect team for ages, coming up with new taste sensations again and again. The best you can do is simply taste them yourself. 


There's much to do while doing practically nothing.


Long hikes through the vineyards, which end up at the Wine Spa; bicycle excursions for exploring the region and its “Heurigen”; or long walks and great discussions with a friend. Might sound a bit corny, but these are things that really make for happiness. After all, nature offers the best balance for the soul. So: Enjoy the great and glorious vastness of the Kamptal in a tour around the taverns for tasting the new wine or join us in a nocturnal torchlight hike. What are you waiting for?



A journey into the past.

castles & monasteries


Discover the millennia old, perfectly maintained culture in the surroundings of Langenlois. The renaissance castle Rosenburg offers an impressive falcon show, medieval pageants and many musical highlights, just as Grafenegg Castle, which is famous for its open-air concerts in the summer. Altenburg Monastery with its enchanting gardens also features the frescos by Paul Troger that won't leave anybody unmoved. You'll find all destinations and details in our LOISIUM Map.

© Alexander Haiden

Majestic Castle Grafenegg in Lower Austria

A wide variety of plants can be explored ar the Kittenberger Erlebnisgärten and in Noah's Ark


Marvel and learn.

the Schiltern Show Gardens


Beside their beautiful parks, the Gardens are dedicated to the preservation and spreading of the diversity of cultivated plants with the Noah's Arch project. The seed archive already encompasses 6,000 varieties – and it's constantly growing. But not only that: On the Show Garden weekends, valuable knowledge is passed on, and in regular workshops at the Kittenberg Adventure Gardens, you can learn all there is to know about gardening and herbs. 


On the trail of Richard Lionheart.



Whether apricot festival, country fair or the christening of the new wine – Wachau is always good for an event, and an excursion there is always well worth it. Whether you explore the valley on a bike, by ship or by foot is entirely up to you. There is one thing you shouldn't miss, though: The fabulous health resort Spitz an der Donau, only a few kilometres away from Langenlois. And equally so, the Dürnstein ruins, where once upon a time Richard Lionheart was held prisoner.


Shopping, coffee break … and back to shopping.

an excursion to Krems


No matter whether you love to stroll through the pedestrian area against a historical backdrop, watch your wife peeking into shop windows from your vantage point in the coffee house or look for a perfect bargain at the shopping centre: You'll get what you want in Krems. Only 10 kilometres away, it has numerous shops and all the entertainment you could ask for: movie theatre, bars and museums – you'll find their exact name and location on our LOISIUM Map. A perfect agenda. And afterwards, you can brilliantly recover in our Spa.

Krems has much to offer: the Kunsthalle Krems, the Caricature Museum, the Forum Frohner, the Klangraum Krems at the Minoritenkirche or the ernst krenk forum

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Nordic Walking in
the North of Austria:

the best routes in the region

The Langenlois Nordic Walking Centre offers a generously laid out route network that starts directly at the hotel and goes through vineyards and over hills. From simple entry-level routes to themed paths right up to a nocturnal jogging route and demanding routes for athletic walkers – everybody will find what suits him best. The starting points for all routes are WeinErlebnisWelt and Ursin House, where rental walking sticks and maps are available. Seminars and workshops also take place here. Simply ideal if you want to work out to the max before the spa!

» Nordic Walking Map "WeinWeg"

Exploring by bicycle the natural Kamptal

2 wheels that mean the world:
Kamptal bikeways

Whether endurance athlete, pleasure bicyclist or mountain biker: rest assured you'll find your perfect route in Langenlois. The Kamp-Thaya-March route, the Kamptal bikeway and the Kulturpark tour go directly through Langenlois, as does the route to the Danube bikeway.

Hilly vineyards in Lower Austria

Bike racers don't lose out either…

… because Langenlois is the central departure point of many tours. On quiet roads, you quickly reach the wide planes of Tullnerfeld, both banks of the Danube, the Wagram with its softly undulating hills and the south-eastern Waldviertel, presenting a somewhat more demanding ascent. 

Delicious picnic lunch with wine and regional specialties

Strength lies in calmness: 
E-Bikes & Picknick

And for all those who like to take things a bit more easy, we have e-bikes at the hotel, which you can rent at any time. On an e-bike, you can ride comfortably through the vineyards, and the way back from the wine tavern will be a cinch. These excursions are wrapped up perfectly with a picnic in a well-chosen romantic spot in the vineyard.

» E-Bike reservation

The green in green surroundings:

golf amidst the vineyards

The Lengenfeld Golf Club with two 18-hole golf courses, Kamptal and Donauland, is only 8 km away. The perfect green awaits you amidst luscious forests and exuberant vineyards. The demanding first and last holes are linked together by a little less strenuous middle part. The 36-hole golf course features greens in their natural state as well as tricky water hazards that have been ideally integrated in the undulating, slightly sloping grounds. 

Owing to the mild climate, the course can be played all year long. Alongside a golf school and the Pro Shop, it offers a perfect 19th hole with the “Golfberg Stub’n” tavern. But let's get serious: The view alone from the driving range makes the visit worthwhile. 


Golf at its finest

7 km adventure trail in the vineyards of the Kamptal

The perfect way to take time out from one's daily cares:
WeinWeg Langenlois

How do the grapes get into the bottle? And what do they undergo in the process? The 7-km adventure circuit way through the Langenlois vineyard locations of Dechant, Käferberg, Steinhaus and Schenkenbichl provides the answers to these and many more questions. Learn more about the Kamptal and its wine. Where does it come from, what maturing process does it undergo, and how is it rightly understood? The hiking path shows vividly how the wine is processed. It runs directly through the vineyards, where our Langenlois vintners are happy to share their knowledge with you. And since wine is best understood by tasting it, tasting way stations are part and parcel of the package. By the way, the path leads directly past the LOISIUM. You can have a backpack with all kinds of snacks prepared in our hotel to highlight your breaks with wonderful tasty Kamptal titbits. Our tip: Don't forget to bring sturdy shoes!

Start and finish: LOISIUM WeinErlebnisWelt 
You'll also receive a tasting set and a rental key for opening the wine safe here. Length: 7 km
Height difference: 140 m
Walking time: 1.5 to 2 hours
Time at the wineries: 2 to 3 hours
Opening times: 1 April to 31 October

» download WeinWeg-Map

Alongside the WeinWeg, many vineyards in the vicinity, spectacular vantage points and enchanted ruins extend an invitation to be explored during your hike. Just look for them in our LOISIUM Map or ask at the reception desk – our team will gladly give advice, and their insider tips come in handy when you're on the way. 

Music meets romantic scenery:
Concert-Highlights in Grafenegg

The Grafenegg Festival attracts thousands of music lovers to the Kamptal every year to attend one of the many concerts. And that's for good reason. After all, both the atmosphere and the programme are one-of-a-kind, not least thanks to the outstanding work of the Festival's Artistic Director Rudolf Buchbinder. We met the impresario of the Grafenegg Festival and asked him a couple questions about himself, his work and about Grafenegg. You can read the answers here.

June 22nd to August 10th 2019 »



The Loisiarte Festival for lovers of contemporary music and literature

All the fine arts in one spot: 
Loisiarte in the world of wine

When hand-picked wine meets hand-picked musicians and writers surrounded by the unique architecture of Steven Holl, the time has come again: Under the direction of Christian Altenburger, the LOISIARTE festival immeasurably excites the numerous fans of contemporary and classical music as well as lovers of literature. Each year anew, visitors are enthralled by a profound and exciting mix of older and contemporary music as well as the outstanding literary texts offered them.

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