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Weingut Steininger goes LOISIUM

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LOISIUM Vineyard Pool Bar

powered by Steininger Winery

Are you in the mood for summer, sun and a very special Vineyard feeling? Then pay attention and prick up your ears, because we have news: LOISIUM proudly presents our Vineyard Pool Bar. It shines in new splendor and on board is the Steininger Winery! The Steiningers will sweeten this summer especially for us - with maximum enjoyment and an unforgettable wine experience. All this directly at the outdoor pool in the middle of the vineyard lawn, refreshing drinks & best wines under the open sky included. But that's not all, because our bar on four wheels not only provides tingling cooling on hot summer days, but also makes the palate beat faster with a variety of snicke snackies!

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MO-SO 11.00 bis 18.00 Uhr | Food: 11.00 bis 18.00 Uhr

The Winemaker Story

"Making good wine is a way of life". According to this motto, the Steininger family has lived and loved their winemaking existence for many years. Karl & Brigitta Steininger realized early on that their heart burns for making wine and sparkling wine, which is why they took over the winery from Karl's parents in 1980. The secret and at the same time the most important ingredient of these unique wines & sparkling wines? That is "family". Daughters Eva, Lisa and Anna with their husbands also knew from a very young age that they too lived for winemaking. Together they make the distinctive Steininger wines & sparkling wines what they are - individual and exciting!

The first-class result of the Steiningers: Carefully crafted wine and sparkling wines with personality. Clear, proud and expressive aromas in every category, whether classic or reserve: they achieve top qualities.


Individuality in every drop

Convince yourself of the unique Steininger site wines. Noble droplets can be found among others in the Riesling, Grüner Veltliner or but also in the Zweigelt.

If you are looking for bubbles against troubles, you can be happy, because the Steiningers are not only wine producers, but also passionate sparkling wine producers! Clearly, fruity and fragrant - that immediately makes you want to enjoy a sparkling wine.

But we don't want to give too much away, it's best if you taste the wine and sparkling wine variety for yourself directly at the Vineyard Pool Bar - it tastes even better in the sea of vines anyway!

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