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The hot and dry Pannonian climate and the rough-cool air of the Waldviertel offer ideal conditions for excellent vintages

The wines of the Kamptal are excellent – and so are its winemakers. No wonder: After all, the loess and clay soils and the people who cultivate them have long been a perfect team, with a tradition reaching back to the ancient Romans. All this is built on the “Gföhler gneiss,” the rock from which the luscious Langenlois hills were formed. 

But not only great soils and great wineries are all-important criteria for outstanding wines: If the climate doesn't do its part, even the most experienced vintner cannot save his harvest. Luckily, the dry and hot Pannonian climate and the rough and cool winds of the Waldviertel provide ideal conditions for outstanding vintages – the 2012 vintage, for example. 316 Kamptal wines in this year alone were awarded by the Fallstaff wine guide. We'll drink a toast to that!




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Ingenious pleasure in the glass.

Our GENIUSS sparkling wine, a typical representative of the region, hails from the LOISIUM Langenlois vineyards, under the loving care of Karl Steininger, which are located directly in front of our hotel. The great popularity it enjoys with all our visitors inspired us to produce it as a wine as well – in a marriage that is as manifold as the two wine-growing regions of Kamptal and Southern Styria, which both contribute a grape variety to it.

The two wineries Steininger (Langenlois) and Erich & Walter Polz (South Styria) decided to combine their wines in order to unite into a perfect marriage the strengths of the Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc grape varieties:

Riesling (60%) is an important indigenous grape variety in Austria. From a light wine with a pronounced acidity up to a very mature special quality wine, it delivers everything, with the location and yield playing a decisive role. What the vintner strives for are full-flavoured wines or fruity tones of stone fruits.

Sauvignon Blanc ( 40%) is one of the most important white wine varieties. In Styria, it matures into a full-bodied wine, rich in essence with a fruity, subtle acidity and typical bouquet.

Exclusively available at the LOISIUM WeinErlebnisWelt Langenlois, LOISIUM Wein & Spa resorts and the LOISIUM online wine store.

Geniuss combines the two wine regions Kamptal and Südsteiermark perfect

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Much love is the secret of the award-winning wines and sparkling wines

Steininger Winery
Karl, Brigitta and their three girls, Eva, Anna and Lisa, make up the Steininger family, a dynasty of vintners with a passion for great wines. You can admire just how much love and handiwork has been put into their award-winning wines and sparkling wines when you visit the WeinErlebnisWelt. There you can peer directly into the family's cellars and watch the vintners doing their work.

Two young winemakers enrich the wine world with new ideas

Sonnhof Jurtschitsch
Alwin and Stefanie Jurtschitsch – two young wine makers who have been turning the world of wine upside down for quite some time now. With their fresh ideas, they bring new life to the old Langenlois locations, at the same time bringing out the strength of each specific terroir in an authentic way. That these experiments yield great results was not only recognised by Fallstaff, which selected the Grüner Veltliner to be the DAC winner.

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Fred Loimer Winery
Fred Loimer was raised amidst vines and vineyards. He respects Nature and works with her – not against her. That's why his winery has been operated on a strictly organic basis since 2006. And you can smell, taste and see it in each and every one of his wines. So it comes as no surprise that, year after year, Fred rakes in awards for his outstanding work.






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