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Gourmet menues with view of the vineyards at the restaurant Vineyard in LOISIUM Hotel Langenlois

Fine dining with wines from the Kamptal at our restaurant in LOISIUM Hotel Langenlois

Dinner in the wine garden:
our Vineyard restaurant.

Our Vineyard restaurant combines gourmet cuisine with award-winning wines. Naturally, they match one another hand in glove. Still, people ask themselves: What is the secret? Our answer is simple. The fresh ingredients from the region make our dishes so delicious and unique. At the same time, we don't want for courage to experiment with new taste combinations and offer wine tasting meals, so the palate will do somersaults. And because the eye has to have its share, the design plays a role not only for the atmosphere of our hotel but also on the dinner plate. And the recommendation of the house dots the “i”: the romantic vista of the Langenlois vineyards that beckons the guests to stay awhile to savour it.

During the concert season, dinner is always accompanied by a dinner concert. Why shouldn't you enjoy the concerts and festivals at Grafenegg, Gars or Haindorf with your palate as well? 

Opening hours

Gourmet Breakfast
daily, 07:00 to 10:30 a.m.

Vineyard Dinner
daily 06:00 to 09:00 p.m.*

Reservations: +43 2734 77100-500 or via E-Mail.
*last order

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Great conversations
and even greater wines
at the Holl Bar.

A diverse crowd of hotel guests, natives and, naturally, vintners meets in our Holl Bar. Superfluous to say that they talk shop about wine ... And things naturally develop beyond tasting thanks to our generous selections of Kamptal wines, spirits and sparkling wines. Nothing could be more exciting than enjoying a good wine and, with a little luck, putting a couple of questions to its producer about its history. Cheers!

Opening hours

daily until midnight

Finest wines and cocktails at the Holl Bar at LOISIUM Wine & Spa Resort Langenlois

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Ausg’steckt is.

The lantern is out.


The term “Heuriger” is derived from “heuer,” meaning “this year” (Old High German: “hiu järu”). So you go to a “Heuriger” – in order to drink the new wine, or young wine, of course. Often, a lantern, which is out at the door, signals the season has been opened.

How it all began.



On 17 August 1784, it became official: Emperor Joseph II issued a circular edict that allowed everybody to sell and serve home-made food, wine and fruit cider at any time. In the beginning, the taverns often only offered bread and nuts with the wine, and it was customary to bring your own food to the Heuriger right up to the 1960s.

Bon apétit!



Today, the “Heurigen” serve the most delicious dishes at very fair prices. Slices of bread with crackling fat or drippings, “Brettljause,” i.e. smoked meat, bread and butter, “sour sausages” and lots more – there is something for every taste. And when home-made cakes baked on trays are on offer, you simply feel on cloud nine.



Most taverns offer home-made grape juice and distilled spirits beside their home-pressed wines. Langenlois is particularly famous for its fabulous Grüner Veltliner that you'll be serviced in all the taverns. Especially on hot days, it is delicious as a spritzer with mineral water or a “Kaiserspritzer” with a dash of elderberry juice.

Heurigen in and around Langenlois




Langenlois, or better: the entire Kamptal, is famous for its wine taverns. Since not all Heurigen have their lantern out at the same time, you'll find here a complete list of all vintner innkeepers as well as their opening hours. Enjoy!

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